The Atlantic: Nuclear War Will Worsen Climate Change

According to an article written by Robinson Meyer in the Atlantic, the “climate change” that could be triggered as a result of a nuclear war is what we should really be concerned about when considering the dangers of nuclear war — yes, you read that right. The Atlantic shared the laughable article on their official Twitter page and received some angry reactions as a result. The Atlantic doesn’t seem to realize it, but after a catastrophe like a nuclear war, climate change would be the least of mankind’s worries.

If a nuclear war were to occur — and dealing hastily with the situation in Ukraine could definitely make this catastrophic nightmare a reality — humans would obviously not be thinking about climate change at all, as they would be too concerned with further nuclear strikes, finding shelter and securing the necessities needed to survive.

In his spectacularly tone-deaf article, Meyer insists that a nuclear exchange, even on a small scale, would destroy the climate in irreparable ways. His focus is not on the millions of lives that would be lost by such a horrible event; rather, he focuses on the long-lasting climate change that a destructive nuclear war could cause.

The tone-deafness continued with Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s statement on BBC Arabic about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, as reported by Fox News. Kerry believes that the war will have an extreme impact on the climate because of the emissions that the war will produce, and he is hopeful that Putin will help him to reach his climate-related goals.

It is clear to anyone with any common sense that, on a planet that has just endured a nuclear war, the furthest thing from survivors’ minds will be John Kerry’s climate change goals.

This story illustrates perfectly the danger we are all in. This administration and the leftist mainstream media, like the Atlantic, who support it are completely out of touch. They have crossed into the realm of the truly insane. And we should be very concerned when people like that begin talking about nuclear war.