The Biden Administration Is Destroying Consumer Confidence

The American consumer is not in a good spot with Joe Biden as president. Consumers are now paying increasing amounts of money to put food on the table, keep gasoline in their cars, and have a roof over their heads.

Meanwhile, as all this is happening, the Biden administration is working to make the nation believe everything is fine and dandy. The White House openly claims the supply chain issues and inflation are nothing more than “high class” predicaments.

It is an outright lie. Middle America and working-class folks are being hit hardest by the inflation disaster the Biden administration created. Currently, the Next News Network has revealed consumer confidence is going further down the drain amid Biden’s inflation crisis.

In an unfortunate turn of events, consumer confidence has reached a low not seen in one decade. As consumer confidence gets lower, inflation increases and the American public is more frustrated than ever.

Biden’s continuously harping on his plans to supposedly “Build Back Better,” yet all he’s building is a disaster of an economy where rising Americans cannot afford the critical necessities to survive.

According to data from the University of Michigan, since November 2020, consumer sentiment has declined by close to 10 points. Meanwhile, economic conditions over the same time dropped by almost 14 points. Consumer expectations are also down by nearly 10 points.

If Biden’s notion of building back a better America, the country needs to be very concerned. The present low of consumer confidence boils down to inflation, and that consumers haven’t seen any policies implemented to stop inflation.

On the contrary, Biden is passing more spending bills that will worsen inflation. Then, he’s gaslighting the country by declaring the passage of more spending legislation will ease inflation.

The Democrat Party has as much responsibility for the lowest consumer confidence levels in one decade as Biden does. It is Democrats who unanimously passed Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending bill earlier this year.

Democrats, with the help of 13 RINOs in the House of Representatives, unfortunately also passed the $1.2 trillion spending bill being phonily passed off as “infrastructure” legislation.

All of this spending ultimately adds up to inflation. It is high time the public begins calling Democrats out on this and then voting them out of office accordingly.