The Biden Administration Could Be A Bust On Endless Issues

When Biden ran for office in 2020, he promised to be a leader for “all Americans.” Biden also portrayed himself as a moderate Democrat who would heal the divides in the nation. 

Earlier this year, during the 46th president’s inaugural address, he spoke about cooling down the temperature and ending red vs. blue conflicts. In hindsight, this is ironic because Biden’s presidency has only turned up the temperature. 

This failed president has worsened divides between Republicans and Democrats and between vaccinated Americans and unvaccinated Americans. Just weeks ago, Biden stood in front of a podium and growled at unvaccinated people, stating his patience is running low with them.

Now, PJ Media confirms the Biden presidency is a bust on countless issues across the board.

Biden wants the country to believe his leadership is on the right track. However, a brand new poll from NBC News shows Americans aren’t in agreement with the president. 

The country collectively believes Republicans are better than Democrats at handling crime, inflation, and border security. That’s not all, though. Americans also gave Republicans higher marks on the economy, national security, and getting things finished, in general. 

Crime is rising thanks to Biden’s defunding police radicals and pushing unpopular COVID vaccine mandates. With massive numbers of police officers being fired and put on unpaid leave, criminals are getting the message that it’s open season in cities and states with leftist leaders. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s worsened inflation and border security with terrible economic and immigration policies. At the same time, the White House is blaming consumers for inflation rather than their dismal fiscal policies. Likewise, Biden started preparing to pay illegals $450,000 after they broke U.S. immigration laws. 

Of course, the chaotic state of the southern border threatens America’s national security. The sad reality is this president has wholly abdicated his legal responsibility to get the border under control. 

For this, Biden should be impeached and swiftly thrown out of the White House. 

What’s most disturbing about the massive failure of Biden’s presidency is the aforementioned calamities have only happened in under one year of this administration. What will the country look like at the end of 2022 or 2023? 

At this point, the best hope for the nation is a GOP victory in the 2022 midterms and Republicans winning elections across the country. America cannot endure ongoing leftist control and Democratic monopolies in power.