The City Of Santa Monica ‘Accidentally Tweet’ Out Picture Of Russian Jet For Super Bowl Flyover

Either the City of Santa Monica thinks the internet is still like the 90’s when you could put anything on there without regard for integrity or an intern in big trouble. In a promotional tweet for the Super Bowl, the city’s Twitter account mistakenly used a picture of a Russian MiG-29 as an example for one of the planes used in the big game flyover.

The internet was quick to point out the mistake. It was surprising on a couple of fronts. First, it is incredible that anyone follows and pays attention to the City of Santa Monica’s Twitter posts. Second, it is a miracle that something like this has not happened sooner, given the fact that the Golden State, which once had Ronald Reagan as its Governor, has devolved into a communist-like state with little regard for personal liberty or the Second Amendment. The soy boy liberals that have destroyed California could not identify a crop duster from a jumbo jet, let alone distinguish between distinct types of fighter jets. I am sure that someone went to Google and just typed in “images of fighter jets” and slapped the first jet they could find into that tweet.

If you wanted to know what planes the Air Force would use, you would go straight to the source. It was not like it was a national secret or something.

It does not help the City of Santa Monica that tensions are running high now with Russia. One hundred thirty thousand troops are massing on Ukraine’s border. The State Department tells American citizens to get out of the country as an invasion could be imminent this week. To make matters worse, the Biden Administration has been wagging the dog, hoping a ‘small incursion’ by Russian forces might help their sagging polling numbers. Hopefully, the media will not need to get good at using images of Russian fighters.