The Daily Wire Isn’t Fooling Around With Biden

Since getting in the White House as president, Joe Biden has done everything he can to abuse his power and illegally impose the government into the lives of Americans. 

One need only look at the way the president wants to empower the IRS and give them direct oversight into the private bank accounts of the United States. That’s not all, though. 

Biden is pushing COVID vaccine mandates on millions of workers. He’s also decided that anyone who refuses to take the jab must lose their jobs. 

Biden faces much pushback from Republican leaders, business groups, businesses themselves, religious organizations, etc. The Next News Network has pointed out that the conservative news publication known as The Daily Wire has launched a federal lawsuit against Biden’s mandate. 

Daily Wire co-founder and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro have publicly spoken about the federal lawsuit his company filed. Shapiro first explained that The Daily Wire would not abide by the mandate Biden is trying to impose. 

The Daily Wire co-founder also made a point of noting that he’s not anti-vaccine. Shapiro, his wife, and his parents are all vaccinated against COVID. However, this does not negate the reality that Biden’s mandate is unconstitutional and goes way beyond the legal power of the federal government. 

Shapiro shared these details while speaking with Fox News about the situation. The conservative commentator is determined to stand his ground and see this fight through. 

Finally, he noted the irony of Biden classifying this mandate as an emergency measure while waiting until January 4, 2022, to impose it after the holiday season. Like many other Americans, Shapiro recognizes Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for workers and businesses is nothing more than an illegal power grab.

The Daily Wire is far from the only business using the Biden administration. The small business organization known as Jobs Creators Network has also taken legal action against the 46th president over this mandate.

Days ago, the Jobs Creators Network also stated Biden senses the walls closing on regarding this mandate. The small business organization explained the 46th president knows this mandate is not going to stand.

For now, the Federal Appeals Court shelved the mandate temporarily until the court took further action. Unfortunately, however, the Biden administration is still putting pressure on businesses to proceed with this mandate.