The Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Supports Teammate Amari Cooper’s Decision To Not Be Vaccinated

Despite missing a few crucial starters, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. It contained wide receiver Amari Cooper, one of Dallas’ most capable offensive weapons. Cooper was ruled out of the game due to a positive Covid-19 test, and many attribute Dallas’ loss to Cooper’s decision not to get vaccinated. Dak Prescott, the quarterback, supported his teammates’ choice and urged people not to judge Cooper.

During a post-game interview, when asked about Cooper, Prescott urged everyone not to look down on his teammate for a personal decision and that he is going to continue to support him. Though the loss of America’s squad was heartbreaking for everyone, the post-interview moment has received almost as much attention as the loss itself, eliciting conflicting opinions. Many blame Coopers’ personal choice of not getting vaccinated ‘selfishness’ and resulting in the loss of the Cowboys, but his absence is not the only reason for their loss. His absence was a problem, but they also missed strong offensive and defensive players like Randy Gregory, Tyron Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, and even the wide receiver. CeeDee Lamb at the half.

Looking at the bigger picture, getting the vaccine does not guarantee that you won’t catch the virus. Anthony Fauci has recently admitted that the hospitalization rate among the vaccinated is increasing. It means that even if Cooper had gotten vaccinated, he would have still gotten the virus. Nevertheless, it is more about Prescott’s attitude towards Cooper’s personal decision of not getting vaccinated and how he backed him up in front of everybody else. He treated his teammates’ decisions like an adult, something many people have yet to learn.