The ‘Dumbest’ Take Possible On 9/11 Has Arrived

On this twentieth anniversary of 9/11, everyone should remember and respect those who died on September 11, 2001, as well as those who died in the war, to extinguish the terrorism that followed. One would expect that the perpetual victimization brigade would take a day off. Unfortunately, nothing happened like this.

When it comes to Jenn M. Jackson, Ph.D., an author and self-described Abolitionist, Writer, Professor of Gender Flux who also writes to Teen Vogue, she has made some of the most stupid statements. Americans were astounded by her 9/11 tweets. How do people bring up an attack on American territory that resulted in the murder of almost 3,000 innocents annoys or concerns her? However, her tweets elicited responses, and in truth, it is Ms. Ph.D. who bothers people. Additionally, when does the commentator’s race matter? If the circumstance is flipped and someone tweets, they are still concerned about how frequently black pundits and journalists reference George Floyd two years later. It’s easy to imagine the outpouring of emotion that would ensue if such words were said. However, isn’t reverse racism implausible?

Moreover, Ms. Jackson says that the attack was on a “heteropatriarchal capitalistic system on which America relies to coerce other countries into passivity.” But the primary concern here is if she has ever taken the time to study the history of racism in the United States of America? Additionally, it attacks Al-Qaeda’s unpleasant reality on people in predominantly Muslim nations, including Indonesia.

Ms. Jackson failed to mention that the 9/11 victims were not white males, white, or even Americans. Suicide bombers, as well as their malfunctioning stolen planes, are a hassle. The capper makes a reference to terrorism in her most recent tweet. Therefore, slamming planes into buildings to murder innocent people is not considered terror. Hence, is this a case of misunderstanding or justifiable action? Ms. Jackson needs to make her point. But kindly refrain because people only have a finite amount of patience.