The Durham Investigation May Not Be the Home Run Conservatives Hoped For

Right-wing “conspiracy theorists” are going to need some new material; so much of their old lines have evolved into accepted facts. Take, for example, the Russian collusion hoax weaponized against Former President Donald Trump. It was discovered, 4 years too late, that every allegation that revolved around the infamous Steele dossier was fake. If you had made that claim between the years 2016 and 2020 you would have been instantly censored on whatever platform you were reporting on.

That is why a lot of conservatives have been waiting for the Department of Justice’s Special Prosecutor John Durham investigation to hold the parties responsible for putting the rest of the country through 4 years of gaslighting. The first trial in the investigation against Hillary’s lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI kicked off. Of course, the mainstream media is completely ignoring it. That does not mean the story is going away. Conservative outlets are covering it expectantly.

The evidence against Sussmann is overwhelming, but that does not mean a guilty verdict is a sure thing. The judge in the case may have a conflict of interest because his wife represented Lisa Page, yes that Lisa Page. The judge is also doing everything he can for the Sussmann defense, the exact opposite of what happened to General Michael Flynn in a similar case. Furthermore, the Washington D.C. jury pool may also be reluctant to convict one of its own — the District’s population consists of 76% registered Democrats, with only 6% registered Republican.

Although many observers have had high hopes for this prosecution to set the stage for further indictments against key players in the government, the Durham team’s opening statement has thrown some water on those hopes. Special Counsel Brittain Shaw made clear that Sussmann tried to dupe the FBI, not conspire with them.

This is a problem because it could effectively insulate anyone in the FBI from prosecution. They will simply point to the Durham team‘s claim that the FBI was manipulated. Being incompetent is not illegal. Knowingly conspiracy to spy on and frame a presidential candidate to influence an election is. From the looks of the Sussmann trial, the people at the top may be able to rest easy.