The Emperor Is Not Only Unclad, ‘He’s A Walking, Rotting Corpse!’

During the height of the coronavirus hysteria last year, Joe Biden had some plausible deniability for laying low and avoiding pressers and interviews.

But anyone who didn’t want to pretend everything was just fine with the vice president and former Delaware senator knew he was not fit to be president.

It’s not like you can spread coronavirus over a Zoom call, but if Joe did too many of those, he might have just talked the electorate out of choosing him to be their first mail order president.

And yes, so far, Joe Biden’s mail order presidency has followed the standard script of 90-day fiancè. The disillusionment, buyer’s remorse, and disturbingly mercenary attitude of all the parties involved, including the audience, smacks the popular TLC network reality television show.

We all knew for whatever reasons that Joe Biden was not mentally up to the task of leading this country. When he did do the occasional interview, Mr. Biden could hardly string a coherent sentence together. During the Democratic primary debates that led to his nomination, he seemed finished after Kamala Harris went for the jugular during that first debate.

When he came back swinging, Biden affected an angry, yelling demeanor that Democratic voters took as a signal that he was a fighter who would fight Trump harder than the other candidates. And other than Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, none of the candidates’ supporters like them.

Everyone in the old Party of Jefferson was trying to guess who they thought had the best chance of defeating Trump in the general election, and they caught Biden’s signal that he was their man. 

But see, this is how Americans have been thinking for decades now since the advent of mass media advertising and corporate branding. They make signs and symbols for the thing itself, even when their own eyes and ears are screaming at them that what they’re seeing is put on, artificial, fake. It is madness, albeit a very pervasive form of it.

Over the week, Joe Biden did the same thing he keeps doing every time he takes the podium to speak. First, Mr. Biden showed up 25 minutes late. To his fake White House television studio across the street. Then he said for less than seven minutes.

Then the president, upon finishing his journey through the minefield that English sentences are for Joe Biden, immediately turned and left the stage, bolting for the exit as fast as he possibly could (he wasn’t moving that fast). At the same time, reporters tried to get him to take just a single question.

But Joe Biden doesn’t take questions even though he’s the president of the United States. In the proverbial old story, everyone is pretending the Emperor’s new clothes are excellent, even though he has none on, because of social pressure to fit in. 

That’s a profoundly cynical and all too accurate account of human nature. A society like that is full of corrupt individuals, and all communities are like that to one degree or another. What if an organization inaugurated not a naked man speaking of his finery but a rotting, walking dead zombie while saying his leadership?