The Left Is Having a Tough Time

It’s become obvious how upset the left has become with Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter and it’s been hilarious to watch from the outside. Musk tweeted, “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means” as an announcement, which makes every critical comment or viewpoint irrational and undeserved.

As much as the left is going after Musk, there are several people who are on the left that deserve everything that’s coming their way. Shaun King and David Hogg are two of those people.

Shaun King and Jack Posobiec have been going at each other after King disabled his Twitter account and then came back within 24 hours.

Posobiec tweeted, “BREAKING: @ShaunKing has deleted his Twitter account.”

Donald Trump Jr. then replied, “That alone is worth $44 billion.”

This led Shaun King to put the exchange as his Twitter bio picture and his new bio says, “I’m still here m—–f——.”

Posobiec responded perfectly, “And just like that, Shaun King has placed a promo for me in his own Twitter bio free of charge. Thanks for playing.”

David Hogg didn’t do any better for himself. Hogg tweeted a poll for users, saying, “This poll will probably get spread by republicans and skew the results but I’ll still ask if Musk gives Trump his twitter account back will you stay on twitter?”

Twitter users overwhelmingly voted that they would stay on Twitter — 81.4% — with 11.2% saying they would not stay, and 7.4% not knowing if they’d stay or leave the platform. Those numbers aren’t equal to a Republican skew.

Still, the left has some options available.

Myspace is a viable option that’s still up and running. The left can bring whatever politics and censorship that they want because there are only a few people left on the site. That means that their communication would be almost uninterrupted and they wouldn’t have to worry about people they disagree with.

They could also try Truth Social. To rally their troops in enemy territory, the left infiltrate the new app and claim it as their own. The problem with this option is that Former President Doanld Trump will never get banned because he owns the platform.

The left really doesn’t have another option unless, of course, they make their own social media platform like they’ve told so many conservatives to do.