The Lincoln Project Covers For Biden’s Economic Crisis

When the Lincoln Project first came about in 2019, it branded itself as a coalition of Republicans who were simply opposed to former President Trump. Yet, over time, Americans witnessed the Lincoln Project go after not just Trump, but also Republicans who support Trump.

Eventually, the Lincoln Project escalated to attacking conservative policies before outrightly cheering on Democrats. Today, the Lincoln Project doesn’t even pretend to be pro-Republican anymore.

One of the group’s most recent claims is that Joe Biden’s done a great job with America’s economy. This is a claim opposed by not only economic data, but also by the vast majority of US citizens.

The Worst Take Ever?
The Lincoln Project’s view that Biden is knocking it out of the park, economically or otherwise, is opposed by pluralities of Americans who believe the president is at fault for inflation. Additional polling shows that most people don’t believe the country is on the right track.

According to the Lincoln Project, signs of Biden’s successful economic leadership include low unemployment levels and job creation. However, a June report from the Federal Reserve shows that over one million people could suffer job loss in 2023.

In defending Biden’s economic record, the Lincoln Project also ignored the gross domestic product (GDP) rate that declined for two quarters in a row. Traditionally, this constitutes a recession. Although the Biden administration is now looking to change the official recession criteria.

The Lincoln Project also declined to mention the impacts that inflation and growing interest rates are having on Americans. Things have gotten to be so bad that some folks are cutting back on how many miles they’re driving or even leaving retirement because they can’t afford it any longer.

More Takes From the Lincoln Project
Along with praising Joe Biden’s economic leadership, the Lincoln Project also claimed Biden embodies “American greatness.”

Apparently, the president’s “moral standards” and “strong [leadership]” are up to par for the Lincoln Project. Meanwhile, polling has shown that Americans have concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and his capacity to handle various problems.

His withdrawal from Afghanistan, for instance, remains widely panned to this day as one of America’s greatest failures. Between baby formula shortages, gas prices, and other widespread, pressing problems, the list of Americans’ issues with Biden just keeps growing.