The Media Have Been Exposed As Complete Frauds And Liars

Our so-called members of the free press are slaves to the system. They participate in lies and manipulation of the American public, and they have for decades. Since Edward R. Murrow, a communist apologist and apparatchik masquerade as a radio and television journalist, ignored Soviet agents’ positions in the U.S. government, our media complex has been corrupted. 

Walter Cronkite, a broadcast journalist and anchorman for the CBS Evening News did not just report the news. He shaped public opinion. Walter’s closing remarks in 1968, four years before the conclusion of the Vietnam War, led some to believe that he galvanized opposition to the war.

Woodward and Bernstein created the Watergate crisis by reporting on the criminal actions that led to President Richard M. Nixon’s impeachment and resignation. They wanted to take him out, and they did. It became the model for the got you game of yellow journalism for decades of aspiring reporters. 

Conservatives once had columnists like George Will, intelligent mainstream representatives of baseball and the economic status quo. I always enjoyed reading Mike Royko’s (1932–1997) Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, and Chicago Tribune. Conservative greats like Robert Novak (1931–2009) of Inside Report and Chicago Sun-Times. And Charles Krauthammer (1950–2018) of The Washington Post followed in their footsteps, even when he lost the ability to walk himself. But the old media has given way to the new, and now podcasts, blogs, and video channels dominate.

Journalists today are no different. They have just found new ways to exercise their anti-American hatred. They have been happy to take down conservatives when they are in control. Their excitement for public responsibility and holding our leaders accountable evaporates when liberals hold power. 

Nobody cared about the Hunter Biden scandal because his dad was the great dementia savior of the Democrat Party. His father is a sock puppet for the Obama administration to control, and they needed Hunter to disappear for a couple of months. The New York Times attempted to cover for Joe by denying that Hunter Biden’s laptop story was true. It was. And they continue to publish the rag at the Old Gray Lady. 

Accusing conservatives of brutally sectarian attacks flips the narrative. Using projection, the liberals try to put conservatives on defense. 

In an example of New Media interviews, Joe Rogan recently exposed CNN when discussing with Sanjay Gupta how his network lied about ivermectin. 

Hunter Biden has maintained his stake in a Chinese company even though he said he would exit his position. It would be akin to a mobster selling his casino. Maybe Hunter wants to invest in his budding painting business, where pieces are sold for $500,000 each. Does anyone doubt that Joe Biden is ensnared in Hunter’s funds? Our anti-president uses his son to launder money that benefits himself, his family, friends, and donors. 

Instead, we were told that Trump was the seat of corruption in this country. Trump was colluding with our enemies, except he wasn’t. His children did not sell influence or gain board of director positions. The fact that his businesses, hotels, and properties were charged for their services when he was using them was not a violation of the Logan Act either. 

The liberal press is a joke. It is not free, and it costs this country our freedom.