The Morning Briefing: Team Biden Can’t Wish Away The Afghanistan Fiasco

Biden and his administration are doing everything they can to distract the American people by portraying an alternative reality, and the MSM are complying in every way. After the devastatingly chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the 13 fallen soldiers in Kabul due to an attack by ISIS-K with Americans still left on the grounds, the administration dares to state that they have carried out the historic evacuation of the American citizens and the Afghan allies. They also claimed they are working towards their resettlement, portraying the situation under control when the water has gone way over their heads.

Biden’s puppets are still hard at work to conceal the reality by bringing up the Texas abortion law to distract the masses. Still, it won’t be long before the people can see through the covers and identify Biden’s failures on various fronts. The military veterans’ grief is inconsolable due to the heartbreaking façade caused in Afghanistan. While Biden’s puppets prepare for storytelling on national television, Chief of Staff of Veterans Affairs, Tanya Bradsher, had to write an email to her senior subordinate due to the overflowing veteran networks, enquiring about the available resources be guided.

Even the big brag story by the Commander in Chief did not bring peace to the veterans as the resurgence of Al-Qaeda reports spread around the media outlets. Undoubtedly, Biden’s pawns are grabbing every string they can to sway the American people onto the constructed paths of delusion. They are boasting about the airlift operations and the evacuations as if it was not something they should have planned a lot about their demeaning attitude towards the crisis.