The ‘NeverTrump’ Agenda By The Left

As people grappled with the cognitive dissonance of the actual world with Democrat ideas, conservatism became a challenging intellectual endeavor. People establish excellent friends and cautiously ease their way into conservatism. Friends who were staunch conservatives have become lefties due to the NeverTrump phenomena.

They want a limited government, secure borders, the rule of law, strict constructionist federal judges, minimal taxes, and individual liberty, among other things. Initially, people opposed Trump, preferring Ted Cruz’s constitutional knowledge. However, after Trump’s inevitability was established, they began to focus on supporting rather than the bombast. Trump’s proposals promised to return America to a more sober era, even if he didn’t speak the pure language of conservative.

After witnessing Trump in action after the election, several NeverTrumps changed their minds, according to the reports. He repelled them on a visceral, illogical, and uncontrollable level. Some voted for Hillary, while others stayed away. Despite the Democrats’ unprecedented resistance, they did it, he won, and America became a better place.

Even as they pushed Democrat ideals wholly, they all began generating money by espousing NeverTrump beliefs. Money and the fact that they were engaging directly with lefties and, not surprisingly, want the respect and friendship of their colleagues will accomplish that. What’s more intriguing is that formerly staunch conservatives have shifted their opinions on immigration and race to the Democratic Party.

People had to turn off Fox and tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, ABC, and other outlets if they wanted to hear news condemning Trump as they felt he deserved. What happened to them was that they were saturated with the full socialist agenda, not just the gratification of having their Trump-hatred reinforced. If they teach people about the particular virtues of their nation and the benefits of conservative policies, they have a difficult task.