The New Border Strategy is to Open the Border

When Title 42 ends, there will be the largest surge on the southern border that we’ve ever seen. Title 42 allowed the federal government to expel illegal immigrants to their own country rather than keeping them detained until their court date.

Thankfully, Title 42 was still in effect when President Joe Biden took office otherwise there would have been a larger surge of illegal immigrants than you saw in 2021, which had record numbers:

To make matters worse, 2022 is off to a record start as well, surpassing 2020 and 2019 totals for illegal immigrants, at least in the Single Adult category. That means that the claim that families are migrating to escape bad situations is completely false.

The perfect storm of ending Title 42 and the “remain in Mexico” policy is going to cause increased migration into the United States and allow these rising numbers to stay in the country while awaiting their court hearing.

The average court hearing is 3 years which will also allow the Biden administration to fast track the process of citizenship.

Claiming asylum doesn’t actually mean that the immigrants were in danger. Anyone can claim asylum and allow the American court system to determine that for themselves. What’s going to happen when nobody shows up to their court hearings? With more people to deport and less enforcement measures available, the Biden administration is welcoming the chaos.

With all of these factors in place, we have an open border. Anyone can come and stay for years with no accountability. If you consider the sanctuary cities that have been created, it’s the perfect storm.

Videos continue to surface showing large groups of illegal immigrants getting off buses across the country, including in Brownsville where hundreds of illegal immigrants have been released.