The New York Times Has Published A Piece With Some Praises For Trump’s Policies

Kevin Dowd, Maureen Dowd’s brother, could not continue the Thanksgiving ritual, but he recovered. The exercise’s purported objective is to give the paper’s far-left audience a feel of what conservatives think. Mr. Dowd does not identify the brand of COVID that settled in him, which attribute to the Grinch.

Mr. Dowd is alluding to the likelihood of a Donald Trump campaign, not the annual running of the New York City Marathon. “The border fence getting up, low unemployment, a thriving economy, and most of all, reduced energy costs and increased earnings,” Mr. Dowd said, referring to the Abraham Accords between Israel and traditionally hostile Arab nations.

After gaining office, Kevin Dowd, Maureen Dowd’s brother, describes how Joe Biden transitioned from a “moderate” to a Bernie Sanders-like figure. Because his father was a Capitol Police officer, Maureen’s brother describes the January 6 attack on the Capitol as “a horrific day to see.” Mr. Dowd: Why didn’t Biden accept credit for Trump’s successful policies?

Moreover, Kevin Dowd, a columnist, seemed unaware that no president, not even Richard Nixon, has been more despised by the poisonous left as Donald J. Trump. This viewpoint must allow for the fantasy that Biden has free will behind his Oval Office desk. What if Biden isn’t his own man but has been held prisoner by his extremist controllers to fulfill his lifelong desire to become president?

“Why can’t these Democrats in the House and Senate be friendlier to Republicans?” Henry wonders. He says that collegiality doesn’t have to be a thing of the past if they can find a medium ground. When it comes to Republicans, the phrase “collegiality” is a euphemism for craven conduct, and it doesn’t mean what it sounds like. If one has a memory, it dredges out the term “collegiality” from an imagined Democrat dictionary that would have defined it.