The Push to Regulate Speech on Social Media Has Already Begun

Free speech is not only a constitutional right, but it’s also a critical part of living in a society that values individual liberty. Unfortunately, growing attacks on free speech demonstrate a clear agenda for more censorship and control.

There are repeated pushes from the political left for people who share anti-left viewpoints to be taken down from the internet and muted altogether. Then, there’s the Disinformation Governance Board being created by the federal government and run by left-wing officials.

In the wake of the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Democrats are already increasing their pushes to regulate online speech.

A Chilling Call From the Former Mayor of New York City
During Bill de Blasio’s time as the mayor of New York City, the community faced countless problems. These problems involved crime, homelessness, and a host of other dilemmas that weren’t addressed before he left office.

On Monday, the former Democratic mayor took to Twitter, calling for Congress to pass legislation that prohibits “hate” online. De Blasio then went on to claim that social media companies’ refusal to stop “profiting” from “hate” is giving ammunition to folks like the Buffalo mass shooter.

Unfortunately, De Blasio’s comments are right on brand with what the White House thinks about speech online. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed weeks ago that Biden believes more regulation on social networking sites is appropriate.

Other Democrats, such as former President Barack Obama, think the right to free speech is not pertinent to the internet and social media. Obama admitted that he thinks this during his most recent speech at Stanford University.

Reactions to De Blasio’s Statement
The idea that this past weekend’s tragic shooting is a justification for the government cracking down on free speech was not well-received by the general public.

Multiple folks tweeted back at the former New York City mayor, giving him a piece of their minds. For starters, De Blasio was accused of using this latest tragedy to promote a radical, unconstitutional agenda.

Then, other folks pointed out that Democrats simply don’t want to hear anything from people they disagree with. De Blasio was also schooled by critics about the horrible historical precedence that comes when governments begin cracking down on what people can and cannot say.

The fight to uphold free speech rights is here and it’s not going away anytime soon.

However, with midterms coming in November and a new presidential election coming shortly thereafter, Americans have a clear look at what Democrats will try to enact if they maintain power.