The Genuine Danger To American Popular Government

The election from two days ago is nowhere to be seen in the newspapers. Instead, the election highlights from four years ago are being printed in the newspapers. The story has wholly sidelined this week’s biggest story from four years ago that has continued to blow people’s minds. In 2016, the American democracy faced the most prominent attack by the Russian misinformation campaign that convinced a vast majority of the American politics, media, and the voting population that Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States due to the Russian interference as claimed in the Russia sourced dossier. It also claimed that Donald Trump was a puppet to Vladimir Putin.

An even worse situation was that some part of the intelligence agency also bought into it. Hence, the news is still everywhere to be seen. Although the Democrats and the media love to say that Trump’s claims about the 2020 elections are a threat to democracy, their obsession with the Russian disinformation campaign to stain Trump’s Administration remains intact. It is still a talking point among them. They are using it again to deflect the Americans’ attention from the Virginia race that was a defeat. 

Democrats’ favorite jargon to use is ‘threat to democracy,’ and yet this is a dire threat to democracy. It is not the greatest. The democrats making any news that goes against them disappear from the news is nothing new. To look at what’s the greatest threat is how Christmas is taking over the autumn. People have started taking out their Christmas lights before the trick or treaters even reach home. The most delightful holiday of thanksgiving, the very epitome of democracy, is being overpowered by Christmas. We are giving in to Santa’s boots on the throat of the Autumn holidays.