The United States Is Giving More Weapons To Ukraine

Joe Biden is asking for $33 billion in weapons and aid to be sent to Ukraine in addition to the $14 billion already sent to the war-torn country. The stated policy of the United States is that we want the war to be extended as long as possible to degrade the military effectiveness of the Russian armed forces. This is to reduce the threat to NATO countries and its partners.

Whatever you think of the wisdom of this approach, contrary to widespread belief, there are some devastating possible consequences.

Prior to the war, the western media would routinely run stories on how corrupt Ukraine was. There have been suggestions that the United States government and its officials may not have had the cleanest of hands in the region either. These should be key facts when analyzing what is going to happen to all the weapons and monetary aid once it gets on the ground in Ukraine.

Is anyone how all these lethal weapons are being tracked and what happens if they fall into the wrong hands?

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has punted on the issue and said, in effect, we are just going to have to trust the officials in Ukraine to “do the right thing.” This Is a strategy based on hope, which is no strategy at all. The current administration does not have a great record of accomplishment when it comes to what happens to lethal weaponry in foreign lands.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan effectively created a fully armed Taliban army. What is to prevent our weapons from being sold on the black market to our enemies? The amount of money that has been sent to Ukraine in such a brief amount of time is staggering.

As the U.S. economy continues to weaken, it is critical that an endpoint to our assistance be determined. Otherwise, we could spend our way into an even more serious economic crisis.