The US Military: Best And Brightest, Most Lethal Fighting Force, Or Global CRT Police Agency?

An evil America does not have the moral authority to conduct warfare.

Among many other aspects of the incompetent Joe Biden Presidency, the recent emphasis on CRT shows how a weakened government messed up the mission in Afghanistan. Kabul fell to the Taliban on 15 August 2021. America has lost all credibility with this debacle in Afghanistan.

We distinguish between the men and women in uniform and the “brass” leaders and politicians who send them to death. Public retribution must come against the foolish military-industrial complex and the Biden administration.

Once again, like in Vietnam in 1972, we never lost the war in Afghanistan, but the dilemma led instead to a situation where we abandoned weak allies to their demise. We must incorporate individuals into the chain of command who understand what the future of our military needs to be. And this will only happen if our civilian leaders want it to occur. We have Democrats who prefer running our army like a social experiment, look for white supremacists under every rock, run out of the military anyone who has ever looked at another person funnily, and force white guilt training programs down our throats.

However, if we lecture Afghanistan and everyone else about CRT, we don’t have a leg to stand on. This public embarrassment may help us reassess our superpower status and the commitment casting a global shadow requires. Indeed, we mustered a justified and violent response to 9/11 in 2001-2003. But we lost our way.

Democrats think we are fundamentally bigoted, racist, and evil. Establishing these beliefs at the foundation of our grade schools, colleges, corporations, and the military is detestable. When educators are teaching our students CRT praxis is necessary activism and consultants tell employees that anti-racist DIE is more critical than ROI, we have a problem.

The powers behind educational plans and programs benefit from the destruction of our national sense of unity. Instead, they claim we have never really been unified, and even if we were, that was only to keep African Americans down. Democrats and the media, which is redundant, believe that America’s fundamental racist past must be dealt with repeatedly.

According to Delgado, DeAngelo, and Kendi, the cure to our ailment is a severely flawed framework of legal and social changes that will overturn the cultural order of this nation. Scholars and professors of CRT, alongside groups like BLM, make money through donations and grants to create racial unrest to propagate their power structure. Then they accuse the military of being part of the domination and oppression of African Americans, using its power to enslave people. It is a Catch 22, and if you call them out, you are exercising power; if you do not oppose them, you must submit to their authority.

Do you get it now? BLM and “wokism” have taken over our national discourse. It is communism under the guise of racial justice. By using America’s past sin of slavery to divide us, the revolution will become realized. Now, every question, topic, and issue is framed through race, not national interest, self-government, mutual respect, or ethical integrity.

They are chipping away at the foundation of this nation. The citizens who fight back will be attacked. Anyone who dares to question them will be banished from social media. The Biden administration does not believe in the integrity of this nation. Therefore, his puppet masters will push for further disintegration of our society.

Without solidarity, we cannot function as a country.

BLM took advantage of the tragic death of George Floyd to accomplish its objectives. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris want to continue and focus on “systematic racism” and “white privilege.” Who is more privileged than Joe Biden, an inept nincompoop, and liar who rode Barack Obama’s coattail into the White House?

UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield proclaimed, “the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.” It means that this nation is irredeemably flawed. A country built on religious principles such as salvation and compassion, not slavery, fought a Civil War to abolish inequality. However, the goal was not achieved in blood because we had to fight for Civil Rights. And we did, as nation equality won. But some people refuse to accept that we are equal and instead emphasize our differences.

Officers who bungled Afghan withdrawal are the same ones promoting CRT. Gen. Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff director, needs to comprehend better “white rage” and force soldiers to read up on CRT.

As the media attempts distract us from evaluating Joe Biden truthfully by attacking conservatives and Trump, we are left fighting ourselves about COVID-19 and elections when we should have a comprehensive plan to save this nation. Who will protest this racialized slander? Moms at school board meetings make good viral videos, but we need a massive collective movement to organize and push back across this nation.

We must defy them. If you stand alone, you fall together. But if you rise together and act like one, you may save this country. The American public must mobilize and reject this plan. Then we can have an honest conversation about our role in the world and the best use of our fighting force.