The US Military Shrinking Due to Woke Generals and Vaccine Mandates

The highest probability of the smallest US Army in history is all thanks to “politically woke” army officials and COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

In a Pentagon press conference this week, the Under Secretary of the Army Gabe Camarillo said that they had made a decision to reduce the number of soldiers from 485,000 to 476,000 for the year 2022, and 473,000 for the year 2023.

According to Military Times, this “may reduce the army’s size to its lowest level since 1940, when the army only consisted of 269,000 personnel.”

Carmillo says it is not a budget problem, but actually a tactic to attract new recruits, as getting new personnel has become difficult.

According to Breitbart News, retired Army Lt. Gen. and the Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense Thomas Spoehr claims that this is obviously a budget cut because the Biden administration did not adjust the military’s budget in response to rising inflation.

Spoehr further added that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has also raised serious questions about the strength of the US military. The Americans also believe that the US army is more focused on racial and gender equity and wokeism, as the army is becoming more political.

According to Breitbart, Gallup and Ronald Reagan Institute polls, the American public is disappointed in the army, which also has a big impact on potential soldiers’ desire to enlist in the army.

On top of everything, military leaders have been forcing the current soldiers to take COVID-19 vaccines, whether they want to or not, since August 2021. Although the great majority of military members obeyed, thousands remain unvaccinated, with many claiming exemptions.

Thousands of soldiers received exemption as well for non-religious reasons. However, Religious reasons were not accepted. In December, the unvaccinated soldiers started to get laid off.