The Vice President’s Trip To The Korean Border Went Horribly Wrong

Over one year ago, Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of getting to the bottom of issues at the US-Mexico border. Despite being put into this role, the most Americans heard from Harris on this border crisis is that finding out its “root causes” matters.

Sadly, the “root cause” of mass illegal immigration continues to be border policies put in place by the Biden administration. As the vice president does absolutely nothing to fix this, there are viral videos of migrants being interviewed and claiming everyone knows the border is open.

Rather than focusing on the US-Mexico border, the vice president recently took a trip to the border between North Korea and South Korea, also known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Yet, it didn’t take long for Harris’ visit to go down in flames.

The Problem With Her Visit to DMZ
Amid growing hostilities from North Korea, Harris met with our allies in South Korea about gender policies, technology, and economic alliances.

South Korea, unlike North Korea, is a well-known ally of the United States. Though when giving a speech at the DMZ, the vice president blundered, stating America is allied with “North Korea,” rather than South Korea.

Harris then ran into more trouble when talking about how South Korea communicates with its Northern counterpart.

The vice president joked that megaphones used for communication purposes are “history.” Yet, a South Korean official had to let her know it’s not history, as these tools continue being used in real time.

This led to another semi-word salad when Harris claimed the present and the past occur “every day.” Harris’ visit to the DMZ came in place of a visit that Joe Biden was supposed to make.

A Terrible Representation of the United States
Since the vice president’s problems at the DMZ, Americans have slammed her for how our country was represented on the world stage. Many believe Harris didn’t have a clue what she was doing or even why she was at the border between the Koreas, to begin with.

Unfortunately, the conduct of the vice president follows a pattern of the Biden administration embarrassing our country on the world stage.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has offered little criticism of Harris. Though we all know a GOP vice president who went overseas and behaved this way at a formal event would never get a pass.