The ‘War In Ukraine’ Inconveniences The View’s Joy Behar

The first casualty of war is the truth. The second casualty of war is Joy Behar’s travel plans. In one of the most un-aware moments ever captured on The View, and that is saying something, Joy Behar somehow managed to make the war in Ukraine about her inability to make it to Italy on her preferred schedule.

After one of The View’s co-hosts, to her credit, talked about how 50,000 Ukrainians potentially could be killed or injured and over 5 million people displaced as refugees, Behar jumped in to voice her concern about Western Europe. Of course, not the people there, but it’s available to host Ms. Behar for her next holiday. You see, the pandemic has prevented her from going to Italy, where she wants to go, and it would be a tragedy of epic proportions if that did not happen as soon as possible.

I wish this were a Babylon Bee article, but sadly, it is not. Here is the video proof:

If Marie Antoinette said the words, let them eat cake to kick off the French Revolution (if she did, it was more likely something akin to letting them eat brioche). It does not matter. What matters is the elitist attitude that the suffering of the little people is inconsequential to our betters. That is one thing that will drive people to act. Regular people can tolerate anything, but contempt will push them over the edge. It will certainly make them stop watching you on television.

Joy Behar’s comments about how the death and destruction of Ukrainians in war are inconveniencing her travel plans is a stark example of everything wrong with our ruling class. From the politicians to Hollywood to Silicon Valley, there is this idea that we serve them. It is a philosophy that will crumble under its weight.

There is a social contract in all things. The ‘people’ will lift you if you cooperate with us in whatever arena you influence. Fail to do that, and we withdraw our support. Joy Behar should remember that the next time she complains about losing her villa reservations.