The War On Border Patrol Agents Is Still Being Waged By Biden

Since the inception of Biden’s presidential tenure, he has declared war on the men and women working on the nation’s southern border. The first sign of Biden’s disrespect for Border Patrol agents arrived when he removed the immigration policies the Trump administration enacted. 

Despite Biden’s loathing for Trump, the latter’s immigration policies were a success. They kept the southern border from being overrun with illegal immigrants, drug traffickers, human smugglers, etc. 

The president has made it very clear he has no respect or appreciation for the Border Patrol’s work. However, as PJ Media recently pointed out, Biden’s war on Border Patrol agents has just gotten to be that much uglier. 

As things presently stand, 12,000 agents working on the southern border could lose their jobs. November 8, this past Monday, was the deadline for border agents to either announce whether they’re vaccinated against COVID or seek out an exemption against Biden’s vaccine mandate. 

Thus far, 12,000 Border Patrol agents have done neither, and quite frankly, they shouldn’t have to. It is none of Biden’s business whether or not these men and women choose to roll up their sleeves and take what is a questionable vaccine at best. 

America needs Border Patrol agents. Even with 20,000 agents working on the border now, it’s still in deep trouble with rampant crime and illegal crossings happening every day. Because of the policies of the Biden administration, the state of the southern border poses a national security crisis. 

It is what the southern border is like, with border agents working hard and doing their part. If the president dares to fire a single Border Patrol agent for not taking this vaccine, he will directly be endangering the United States even further. 

Every day, Republicans are working to counter and defeat the lunacy of Joe Biden. With that said, if the 46th president does elect to fire border agents for not taking the COVID vaccine, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has already confirmed he will rehire these agents to work on the border in Texas. 

Unlike the president, Governor Abbott understands the contributions of Border Patrol agents are necessary and in high demand. Unlike Biden, Abbott can also know that it is cruel, inappropriate, and dangerous to cast these workers aside merely because they don’t want to take the COVID vaccine. 

Time will tell what Biden’s next move looks like.