This Was What Democrats Were Hoping All Along To Get Out Of Joe Biden

Joe Biden will force the total weight and power of the federal government onto the freedoms and lives of millions of American people whether they want him to or not. He and a solid majority of Washington are poised to appropriate another round of trillions from our economy. And the forces arrayed to put him in power are so encouraged by how easy it was to take over like they did last year that now Biden is calling for Americans to surrender.

In a message to Republicans tweeted out on the official Joe Biden handle Tuesday, the president told his opponents if they don’t want to help “save” this country, then “get out of the way.” Is this how you go about saving a country? Destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses with lockdown orders, put millions out of work, leave millions on the brink of eviction, wipe trillions from global asset values, and then steal trillions from taxpayers?

What country in the history of the world has ever taxed itself into prosperity? Survey says, Nada. Zero. Zilch. No country in the history of the world has ever taxed itself into wealth. Many, however, are the fallen civilizations that taxed themselves to ruin. History is littered with the ruins of these fallen nations that had become so corrupt because of their success that they forgot how they had become successful in the first place. 

As the seat of civilization grows rich with great resources from the strengths and values of its people, so grows the bounty for the envious barbarians who would sack and pillage to steal away with what they did not build, with what their ancestors did not labor for. Keep your eyes on Washington. Do you believe it is the immigrants from our southern neighbors so eager to venture and work that threaten to decimate our livelihoods?

No immigrant has ever taken so much from us as the politicians and lobbyists and a hundred other vultures who play their grift to steal so many ill-gotten gains and appropriate it from the labor, knowledge, risk-taking, and investment of hard-working American entrepreneurs and workers. C-SPAN is a gallery of barbarians knocking at the gates to all the treasures of American civilization, with a battering ram, with the bluntest force trauma instrument in the history of humanity, the U.S. federal government.

And how does the president address his loyal opposition, who for their part are merely partisans, most of them, and would have been happy to sign off on so much federal theft had the president been Mr. Trump, as they were when he was president, and not committed to fiscal conservatism, limited government, and the rule of law? 

He has seen them so easily corralled and cowed and made for dancing along with the rest of us in this last eighteen months’ obscene manifestation of fascist reaction in the halls of government and on the channels of journalists, that he regards them with utter disdain and expects them to lay down for him. He says to them as if to a stubborn dog, “Get out of the way.”

Let’s not labor under the false assumption that Democrats elected Joe Biden because he seemed nice and passive. He started picking up in the polls in the primary after he began yelling very angrily and scarily. These people want a strongman dictator badly, which is why they were so in love with “hating” Trump while singing his name to high heaven.