This Year Marked A Major Departure From The Blue States To Red States

If there’s one thing 2021 has done, it’s highlighted the massive and major differences between left-wing leadership and right-wing leadership.

While the former favors high taxes, burdensome regulations, and big government, the latter favors low taxes, business-friendly policies, and small government. Yet, with COVID being a factor, the ideological differences between the left and the right areas are apparent as they’ve been in history.

Several blue states across the country are implementing measures requiring people to show vaccine passports to access establishments like restaurants, fitness centers, etc. Yet, for all of these mandates, it still hasn’t stopped the spread of COVID.

Meanwhile, red states are not succumbing to tyranny and instead prioritize individuals’ rights to make their own healthcare choices. It’s also a fact that these red states are dealing with fewer COVID surges than their blue counterparts.

In light of these details and the series of events that have played out throughout 2021, it shouldn’t be shocking to know that massive amounts of people have fled blue states for red states, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

As left-wing states rapidly shift into dystopias, more Americans decide they don’t want to be on the sinking ships. It is why communities like Washington D.C., Hawaii, California, New York, and Illinois experienced population declines ranging between 0.7% to 3%.

Meanwhile, right-wing states like Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Utah, Montana, and Idaho experienced population gains ranging from 1% to almost 3% this year.

The differences between left-wing and right-wing states will likely continue to become more pronounced in 2022 and the years to come. States run by Democrats show absolutely no signs of backing down from the very policies that Americans are fleeing in droves.

The population shifts based on partisanship are bound to have some long-term impacts on the United States. For starters, states like California and New York losing the few Republicans who remained will naturally become bluer.

The flip side is also proper. For quite some time, Florida was viewed as a swing state. However, throughout 2021, the state’s registered Republicans have overtaken registered Democrats. Several counties in Florida have likewise flipped from being blue to being red.

At the rate things are going, there will be fewer purple states and more states that are either very red or very blue.