Throwback: That Time When Joe Biden Said “In Iowa, Schools Do Better Than DC Due To Low Black Population”

When questioned about the disparity in school achievement between Iowa and Washington, D.C. in 2007, President Joe Biden referenced the nation’s capital’s significant concentration of Blacks and other minorities. An epic blunder came back to haunt him throughout the 2020 presidential race.

According to Iowa’s most recent census, African Americans make up fewer than 1% of the population, and minorities make up less than 4%. In answer to the query, President Joe Biden waxed poetic on whether or not there are more black people in Iowa, as only he can do.

When children come from dysfunctional households, where there are no books and their mother does not speak to them from the moment they are born, the child begins with a 300-word vocabulary advantage at the age of three. Half of the schooling gap exists before a child enters a classroom. So, what does he have to say?

Moreover, after Joe Biden created a mistake 14 years ago, his team hurried to clean it up. The senator’s team soon clarified the statements, claiming that the senator was not making a “race-based differentiation,” but rather a “socio-economic” distinction. I am not sure how to phrase this diplomatically. What a load of nonsense this is.

Joe Biden’s decades of gaffedom have been punctured by racist comments, most notably his infamous “You Ain’t Black Is Black” shot at Black voters during the 2020 presidential campaign, suggesting Blacks are obligated to live on the plantation no questions asked.

Last summer, he traveled around the black parts of his town trying to persuade black males to understand it’s not unmanly to wear a condom and getting black women to understand they may say no, says Joe Biden. It’s a present that keeps on giving. Some things never change, even those called Joe Biden.