Tim Scott Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Past Ties To KKK Member

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has reignited discussions about President Joe Biden’s historical connections, particularly his association with Senator Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), amid a noticeable decline in Biden’s support among Black voters.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Scott criticized the media’s handling of the issue, suggesting a bias in coverage that favors Democrats over Republicans. He condemned Biden’s partnership with Byrd in opposing the integration of public schools and busing, describing it as a “disgusting reflection” of Biden’s character and leadership.

“The thing that is the most unbelievable to me and if it were a Republican probably would be career-killing, which is him partnering with his friend and mentor, a former Klansman to stop the integration of public schools and busing,” Hannity said. “Even Kamala Harris criticized him for that — in that — that presidential primary debate in 2020. I was that girl, I believe she said, and because he didn’t want public schools, his words, to be racial jungles. Am I like the only one in the country that dares to bring this up and ask incredulously why doesn’t anyone care about that?”

Despite criticism from Vice President Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential primary debate, Scott noted the lack of coverage from major news networks such as CNN and MSNBC. He called for increased scrutiny of Biden’s past actions and statements, emphasizing the need for transparency regarding his associations with individuals like Byrd.

“You know, they’re not playing that on CNN,” Scott responded. “You know they’re not playing it on MSNBC. They are not sharing the truth of who Joe Biden has always been. We should run commercial after commercial with Kamala Harris telling Joe Biden what he did in the 1960s, and in addition to that, we should make sure that his words of the jungle, what a disgusting reflection of who he is. I will say this without question, jobs and justice are moving more Black folks toward Donald Trump, because we want fairness and what we hear from Joe Biden over and over again is a pandering tour. But your have 100% right, to associate with a racist, a KKK member, and to celebrate it, you can only do that when all of the national media goes dark. They won’t cover any negative news on Joe Biden.”

Biden infamously eulogized Byrd, who recruited and led a 150-member chapter of the KKK, declaring him to be a “friend,” a “mentor,” and a “guide.”

Recent polling data indicates a significant shift in Black voter support, with a 12% decrease in support for Biden since 2020. Conversely, former President Donald Trump has seen an increase in support, with 22% of Black Americans indicating their intention to vote for him.

A survey conducted by The New York Times/Siena revealed that Trump is gaining over 20% of Black voters’ support, marking the highest level of support for a Republican presidential candidate since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.