Tom Emmer Slams Democrats For Decreased Paychecks And Increased Prices

President Biden and the socialist Democrats who dominate Congress, according to Rep. Tom Edmunds (D-Ill.), are incapable. Their huge government spending plans are causing inflation that hasn’t been witnessed in decades, maybe since President Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Edmunds said that he would have to go all-in and pass a $4.5 trillion spending plan. Today, this stupidity is wreaking havoc on the lives of poor Americans across the country.

“Voters in this nation are astute, as they demonstrated just a little more than two weeks ago. They see that these Democrats are entirely disconnected from the American people, and they want to hold them accountable. It is going to be a war to the death. Rep. Tom Emmer said, “We’ll have to run hard for the next year, but we’ll keep the Democrats accountable.”

Make sure voters understand that the Democrats’ policies, as well as their ineptitude, are to blame for rising costs and lower wages, smaller paychecks, and more costly goods. They are in charge of the open border. It was not an issue 11 months ago. And, to be honest, we’re in the midst of a crime boom as a result of not only their rhetoric but also their absurd anti-police policies. Voters are astute individuals. A year from now, they will hold them accountable.

Since Joe Biden assumed office, it has increased by 17%. It’s now up 15% after this week. The DOW had gone up 19 percent on November 10, 2017, when Trump had been President for precisely the same amount of time as Biden has now. It increased by 56 percent in total over Trump’s four years in office. It is understandable. Democrats-controlled states have a higher cost of living (inflation), and workers are less likely to fulfill the American dream. However, they are more likely to be on welfare.