Top GOP Lawmaker Takes Biden And Democrats To The Woodshed

The Biden Administration’s poor judgment calls and policies continue to add up in increasingly dangerous ways.

Earlier this year, Biden defied advice from US military officials by pulling out every one of our troops from Afghanistan in a haphazard fashion. The following results were the deaths of 13 American soldiers and the Taliban’s return to power.

The president has also had a hand in directly pushing spending bills that triggered a mass inflation crisis. Even amid rising prices, Biden still hasn’t learned anything. He and his Administration blame suppliers for overall inflation rather than government spending.

In light of all these details and more, one top Republican lawmaker holds Biden and the Democrat Party accountable, as reported by Newsmax.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan didn’t mince words about the disastrous nature of Democrats and the Biden Administration during a Fox News interview. Jordan correctly stated that the left had made a mess of every policy across the board.

The Ohio congressman stated that as Democrats push for “price control” to counter rising inflation, they will only worsen the economic plights the country faces.

Jordan also got into other real issues facing the United States, such as freedom, public safety, and secure borders. All of these have taken severe blows since Biden got into the White House and since the Democrat Party gained monopolistic control of the federal government.

Later into his talks with Fox News, the Republican lawmaker called out Biden for breaking his vow to restore unity in America. According to Jordan, the 46th president has taken immense measures that have divided people in unspeakable ways.

One prime example exists in the means by which Biden’s been demonizing parents who express concerns about the curriculum being taught to their children in schools. The 46th president and his administration categorized these parents as “domestic terrorists”; then, they weaponized the Justice Department to go after these parents.

What could be less unifying than this?

The horrible job that Biden and Democrats have done thus far is a prime example of why they will not win the midterm elections come November 2022. It’s also why Democrats lost control of Virginia after dominating the state’s politics for more than one decade.

As things currently stand, all signs point to Republicans taking back the Senate and House in 2022, followed by the White House in 2024.