Triple-Vaccinated Bill Gates is Currently Fighting Off COVID-19

Over the past two years, health and medical experts have severely damaged their credibility. And it may never again return to what it once was.

There was a time when most Americans put a fair amount of trust in these healthcare professionals. However, that changed when medical bureaucrats started putting out edicts that they themselves often ignored.

Health and medical experts moved the goalposts on COVID-19 far too many times. Eventually, it became clear that something was up.

Healthcare professionals overwhelmingly supported COVID vaccine mandates. Yet, none of these vaccines can stop transmission of the virus.

Many people who are completely vaccinated, and even boosted, are still catching it. One of the latest individuals to fall under this umbrella is Bill Gates, according to Twitchy.

The Failure of the Almighty COVID Vaccine
On Tuesday, Gates took to Twitter, announcing his COVID-positive status and revealing his struggle with “mild symptoms.” Like many other triple-vaccinated folks who have still come down with the virus, Gates made sure to mention how grateful he is to have these vaccines.

Over the past two years, Gates has been fully onboard with people being forced to take COVID vaccines. Like many other people who share his views, though, Gates hasn’t been able to explain why anyone should be forced to take these shots.

The argument behind COVID vaccine mandates is that these directives “save lives.” Yet, this is demonstrably false since taking a COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent one from becoming sick with the virus or passing it along to others.

Healthcare professionals repeatedly claimed that COVID vaccines would be the way out of this pandemic. But, more than one year later, it’s widely understood that COVID isn’t going away, regardless of how many vaccines or boosters shots are rolled out.

No Guarantees Either Way
There are many Americans who have chosen to get COVID vaccines. And they have the right to get as many shots as they please; however, what they don’t have the right to do is insist that other people take these shots as well.

At the end of the day, virtually anyone could get COVID, whether they’re vaccinated or not. Bill Gates is living proof of this, as are countless other people who were not spared the virus, even after taking the safe and effective vaccines.