Trump Drags Gen. Milley And Democrats For Treasonous Calls To China

Revelations from Bob Woodward’s latest book, “Peril,” about Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Mark Milley have brought on stern rebuke from Donald Trump as the former president appears to ready himself and allies for a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden, or perhaps Kamala Harris if Democrats finally decide Joe isn’t up to the job by then.

Throughout Donald Trump’s term, Milley was hard at work subverting him, and his administration at every turn during their years-long trade war leveraged negotiations with China. Not to be made a fool of, Trump sent out a letter to his email list and published it on a now-deleted page on his website, with the most powerful possible words of rebuke and admonishment from the former and possible future president.

The letter is still up on The Daily Caller and other conservative news websites and screenshots on liberal news websites like Twitter. Saying that Milley “should pay a high price” along with Hillary Clinton lawyers for stoking hoaxed up Russia conspiracy theories in corporate media outlets, threatening the integrity of U.S. elections for four years, Trump pulled no punches, saying, “Milley is an idiot with no common sense or ability to negotiate.”

He also reminded readers of the total catastrophe Milley oversaw in Afghanistan during the withdrawal that happened under Joe Biden’s watch as the electorate would have it, “That is why, for no apparent reason, he placed $85 billion of the world’s best military weaponry in the hands of the Taliban.” And he reminded them of the consequence of such remarkable neglect and dereliction, saying, “That’s also why 13 young Warriors aren’t with their families tonight.”

“For Lightweight General Mark Milley to have contacted the Chinese to ‘bring down the temperature’ of my discussions with them, negotiations that were having a tremendous positive impact on large-scale benefits to the United States, is outrageous,” Trump said.

These are grave allegations that directly interfere with the president’s foreign policy agenda, going behind his back to hamper it. And Trump made sure to clarify for the barking moonbats on MSNBC, “We were not going to make any Military moves, never even thought of it, but we were hitting them so hard in all other ways.”

Additional details about Milley’s calls to China while Trump worked to negotiate trade agreements paint a complete picture around the general’s October and January phone calls to the chief Chinese general to assure them he would give advance notice if then-president Trump moved to attack the country with nuclear weapons.

As a result, Republican senators have demanded an investigation into Milley’s phone calls, as well as his resignation as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He took a hyper-partisan, sensational to the point of hysterical view of the president right out of Rachel Maddow’s brain. He used that to inform decisions he took of his initiative, which may have led China to a heightened state of nuclear alert and a more aggressive nuclear posture toward the United States.

He put us all in danger over this election season clownery. He should pay a high price. Donald Trump is right about that.