Trump Responds To Durham Report Findings

After Special Counsel John Durham released his report on the FBI’s Russia Collusion hoax, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to blast the FBI — noting that the American people got “scammed.”

According to Durham’s 320-page report, the FBI had no evidence to support their investigation into supposed “collusion” between Trump and Russia. The special counsel further noted that there were “sobering” differences between how the FBI approached the investigation into Trump compared to other politically sensitive investigations — pointing out that there was a “predisposition to open an investigation into Trump.”

In a post on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump argued that Americans were “scammed” by people who don’t want to see America succeed.

“WOW! After extensive research, Special Counsel John Durham concludes the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia Probe!” he wrote. “In other words, the American Public was scammed, just as it is being scammed right now by those who don’t want to see GREATNESS for AMERICA!”

Trump also spoke out about the matter in a statement to Fox News Digital, arguing that the Democrats had taken part in a “long-running and treasonous charade” and that “there must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this.”

“I, and much more importantly, the American public have been victims of this long-running and treasonous charade started by the Democrats — started by Comey,” Trump told the outlet. “There must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this.”

According to the Durham report, the FBI immediately opened a full investigation into the Trump campaign after receiving a brief note from an Australian diplomat who claimed that Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had mentioned to him that Russia may have had damaging information about then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

“At the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI did not possess any intelligence showing that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officers at any point during the campaign,” the report stated.

The investigation later relied on the discredited “Steele Dossier,” which was funded by the Clinton campaign — despite knowing that it was nothing but “rumor and speculation,” according to the report.

“Upon receipt of unevaluated intelligence information from Australia, the FBI swiftly opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” the report said. “In particular, at the direction of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok opened Crossfire Hurricane immediately. Strzok, at a minimum, had pronounced hostile feelings toward Trump.”

Meanwhile, according to Durham, a trusted foreign source had already given the FBI “highly significant intelligence” that Clinton had concocted a plan to “vilify Trump by tying him to Vladimir Putin so as to divert attention from her own concerns relating to her use of a private email server.”