Trump Steps in to Stop RINO Governor and His Ally

The day before Maryland’s gubernatorial primary, Gov. Larry Hogan got a personalized message from former President Donald Trump.

The supposed Republican governor got slammed by Trump, with the former president calling him a “Shutdown RINO.” This was due to Hogan’s tyrannic COVID lockdown policies, which stripped away rights from Maryland residents.

Since Trump is banned on most social media networks, he utilized his own platform, Truth Social. Trump made it clear he is backing state Delegate Dan Cox and hailed him as the better choice than his challenger, Commerce Secretary Kelly Schultz.

Schultz has been in Hogan’s cabinet for seven years and more than likely holds his RINO views.

“Maryland, tomorrow is a big day,” Trump wrote. “Get out and vote for Dan Cox for governor. Get rid of Shutdown RINO Larry Hogan who is trying to get another RINO into office, Kelly Schulz.”

“Dan Cox will be a great governor. Tomorrow is the day. Get out and vote!” he added.

Hogan doesn’t consider himself to be a Republican and rather a self-described moderate. His term for governorship is ending because he has already had two terms and Maryland law prohibits a third term. However, he potentially has his sights on a presidential run in 2024, claiming that the American people are fed up with people like Trump.

“There’s a diminishing number of folks that are wanting former President Trump to run,” the Maryland governor told CBS News. “There’s a growing number of people that are looking for our kind of successful, bigger-tent politics.”

Polls between Cox and Schultz are close. In late June, Cox was at 25%, while Schultz was slightly behind at 22%; A large group, 45% of voters, were still unsure. It is unclear if Trump’s endorsement of Cox is enough to persuade the undecided voters.

Maryland is overall a blue state and it’s possible that a Democrat may win the gubernatorial race come November. Even though moderate Hogan won both elections and has served as governor for the last eight years, Democrat voters far outnumber Republicans. Surprisingly, registered Democrat voters outnumber registered Republicans by more than two to one.