Trump Sues NY Attorney General Letitia James To Block Access To Family Trust

A famous US president once said, “Who knows more about lawsuits than I do? I’m the king.”

In a continuance of this tradition, former President Trump has now filed a lawsuit in Florida against New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is currently pursuing legal action in an attempt to take $250 million from the Trump family.

Letitia James’ civil fraud case against the former president is additionally seeking to access documents from his family’s trust.

“Crooked and highly partisan James now thinks it is the business of the State of New York to go after my revocable trust and pry into my private estate plan, only to look for ways to recklessly injure me, my family, my businesses, and my tens of millions of supporters,” Trump announced Wednesday.

This incident does not mark the first time Trump has had political rivals attempt to punish him through the use of the judicial system. The former president was infamously impeached twice by the House of Representatives in what many Americans considered to be a complete hoax. He also became the first president in US history to be raided by the FBI in August of 2022, a move that in the eyes of many citizens similarly lessened their already-diminishing faith in American institutions.

James, who is a Democrat, has filed against Trump, his three eldest children, and a few Trump associates. The case alleges that the group created inflated property values in order to trick insurers, lenders, and tax authorities.

James’ lawsuit was filed last month:

Far-left social media page Occupy Democrats celebrated what they describe as a “major victory” in the suit, posting that users should “RT TO THANK AG JAMES!”

Trump’s attorneys have argued that James’ actions amount to nothing more than a quest to seek revenge against Trump as well as a desire for notoriety, writing in their 41-page filing: “Using the Civil Action, James seeks unprecedented oversight of President Trump’s business and financial affairs – including control over President Trump’s revocable trust – as she grandstands in demanding $250 million in ‘restitution’ for the people of New York. In truth, James knows that no restitution is owed but seeks only attention for herself and retribution against President Trump.”