Trump Targets South Carolina For First 2024 Campaign Rally

Although former President Donald Trump became the first and, as of this writing, only 2024 presidential hopeful to formally announce his candidacy more than two months ago, he has maintained a relatively low profile since then.

According to campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung, that is about to change. He indicated this week that Trump plans to host his first campaign event this month in South Carolina.

A subsequent statement confirmed that it will take place on Saturday at the Statehouse in Columbia. Prominent Republicans from the state, including U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Henry McMaster, are expected to attend.

Among the other guests will be U.S. Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), who confirmed that he would be there and took the opportunity to praise Trump’s record, saying that he “delivered for the American people before and can do so again.”

The former president will reportedly be announcing his campaign leadership team for the state during the upcoming event.

Two big GOP names from South Carolina are unlikely to show up amid reports that they are both mulling 2024 White House bids of their own.

U.S. Sen Tim Scott (R-SC) confirmed that this would be his final term in Congress and he has staged several visits to states that will vote early on in the 2024 presidential primary.

For her part, former Gov. Nikki Haley referenced the speculation surrounding her political ambitions during a meeting hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition just days after Trump’s announcement.

“A lot of people have asked if I’m going to run for president now that the midterms are over, I’ll look at it in a serious way and I’ll have more to say soon,” said Haley, who also served as United National ambassador during the Trump administration.

In a Fox News Channel interview that aired on Thursday, she touted her own “accomplishments” and hinted even more explicitly that she might compete against Trump for the nomination.

“When you’re looking at a run for president, you look at two things,” she said. “You first look at, does the current situation push for new leadership? The second question is, am I that person that could be that new leader?”

As for the answers to those questions, Haley concluded: “Yes, we need to go in a new direction. And can I be that leader? Yes, I think I can be that leader.”