Trump Travels To New York To Face Indictment

Former President Donald Trump had his day in court Tuesday after it was announced that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office was charging Trump with 34 felony counts. The unprecedented move has been blasted by a large number of prominent conservatives.

The former president announced that he would make the journey to Manhattan to answer the charges. He traveled to Trump Tower Monday ahead of the proceedings the following day.

Trump slammed the proceedings, declaring that the judge in the case was potentially biased.

The former president criticized Judge Juan Merchan on Truth Social, noting that Merchan’s daughter had campaigned for future Vice President Kamala Harris in her 2020 bid for the White House.

Trump called Merchan a “HIGHLY PARTSAN JUDGE” and said that the judge and his family are “WELL KNOWN TRUMP HATERS.”

The former president said that the judge was “AN UNFAIR DISASTER ON A PREVIOUS TRUMP RELATED CASE.”

The former president ended by saying that the case was a “KANGAROO COURT!!!”

The Trump 2024 campaign issued a fundraising email entitled his “last email before my arrest.” The 2024 Trump campaign raised more than $8 million in the four days following the announcement of the coming indictment.

Conservatives closed ranks with the former president after the charges were announced. Not only has Trump received considerable donations since last week, but also support among Republicans.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), who is a potential 2024 candidate for U.S. Senate, endorsed the former president in the Republican presidential primary.

Banks said that the Democratic Party was afraid of Trump returning in 2024. He also called the proceedings “a despicable example of a political persecution.”

“I’m not surprised by how low and how far the Democrats will go to abuse their power to stop the most effective president of my lifetime from becoming president again,” Banks said.

Trump has also been lifted in the polls after the indictment was announced. He now pulls in a higher percentage than all of the other potential Republican opponents combined. One poll placed the former president at a formidable 56%.