Trump’s Georgia Show Trial To Be Streamed Live

In a move that should surprise no one, the persecution of former President Donald Trump in Georgia will be streamed live from the courtroom. Official word came Thursday from Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee.

Further, McAfee confirmed that the media will be permitted to use computers and cellphones in the courtroom as long as they are not recording the proceedings. This is in keeping with the Democratic agenda of embarrassing the former president.

Strangely enough, that has not worked for the left so far.

Remember how the Biden administration and its media allies were salivating over the prospect of Trump being subjected to a mugshot? This was supposed to humble the former president and demonstrate the might of his opposition.

But something funny happened along the way. Trump struck back with defiance, and the world saw that he was not bowed and not humbled, but still resisting persecution.

Democrats must be nervously anxious at this point. Nothing they are doing is stripping away his foundation. In fact, millions in new donations poured into his campaign as indignant supporters rallied around their candidate.

Georgia officials cling to the mantra of “transparency” in their creation of a media circus around the 2024 Republican frontrunner. McAfee told reporters that the county’s plan was to provide “a YouTube feed the entire time.”

The media will be packed into the courtroom to breathlessly report on the fall of the 45th president.

But does anyone expect Trump to be outclassed in that Atlanta courtroom? Certainly not the people who supported his rise to the White House in 2016.

After all, the all-out Democratic attack on Trump began well before he was sworn into office. The left painted him as an extremist and charged that he was merely a Russian puppet. Even proof that these allegations were nothing more than a hoax did not slow the vicious cycle.

First, there were impeachments. Then one indictment followed another over the flimsiest of excuses, but these were valiantly deflected by the candidate. When he was paraded into the infamous Fulton County facility to be photographed, Trump did not falter.

Instead, he showed the face of a man who will not be bowed by Biden’s weaponized government and its cronies on every level. Much as the impeachments and indictments backfired, so too will the Georgia kangaroo court and the spectacle it will stream to the world.