Trust in the Public Education System Has Seriously Declined

There’s no denying many issues have come up regarding today’s public education system for children.

In one example after the next, parents are learning of their very young children being subjected to drag queen storytimes, critical race theory lessons, transgenderism, and various left-wing politics that have nothing to do with genuinely educating children.

Parents repeatedly voice their frustrations. However, they’re all too commonly dismissed by school boards or other officials who think they know better than parents.

All things considered, many Americans agree the public school system is no longer educating children, but is now just indoctrinating them. This makes the data released in a new Gallup poll not surprising at all.

A Closer Review at Gallup’s Findings on Public Education
Gallup found that just 42% of US citizens trust today’s public education system. This is a record low rating and it follows a pattern of declining trust since 2019, when 51% of Americans trusted K-12 schooling.

A closer look at the numbers reveals the rate of distrust stands at 55%.

Some of the specific elements about the public education system that concern Americans include teaching methods, disparities in access to education based on income, low salaries for teachers, and the promotion of political agendas.

To little surprise, Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to be supportive of where the public education system stands today. Gallup found that GOP dissatisfaction with the public school system played a significant role in the distrust rate surpassing 50%.

More Problems to Come?
Since young children returned to classrooms, various studies have shown they’re extremely behind in areas involving reading and math.

To make matters worse, as children struggle to catch up, there are nationwide teacher shortages that impact the public education system as well. This has been especially problematic for parents of special needs children who rely on teachers with unique skill sets.

Thus far, there’s no telling when students who are behind will catch up or when teacher shortages will be fixed.

Though as various school boards approve left-wing indoctrination lessons, rather than actual curricula that educates kids, more parents are considering homeschooling.

Because of a lack of trust in the public education system and the extent to which kids are falling behind, there’s no telling what education in America may look like in the years to come.