Trustee Seeks To Liquidate Alex Jones’ Infowars To Settle Sandy Hook Judgments

A bankruptcy court trustee has filed a motion to liquidate Alex Jones’ Infowars media platform as part of efforts to settle more than $1 million in judgments related to his defamatory comments about the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. The motion, filed by Trustee Christopher Murray on Sunday, aims to wind down Free Speech Systems, the company behind Infowars, and liquidate its assets.

The motion follows a recent ruling by a Texas judge on June 14, which mandated that Jones sell personal assets to pay nearly $1.5 billion to the families of Sandy Hook victims. This includes Jones’ $2.8 million ranch, which is considered part of his personal assets. However, the judge, Christopher Lopez, decided against liquidating Free Speech Systems itself.

Murray’s motion asks Judge Lopez to put a hold on the funds Jones owes to the Sandy Hook families to avoid interference with the closure of Free Speech Systems. This request aims to streamline the liquidation process without conflicting with the payout to the families.

In addition to this, lawyers representing the parents of a Sandy Hook victim successfully requested that Free Speech Systems turn over its bank assets. This decision adds another layer to the complex legal proceedings involving Jones.

Earlier this month, Jones requested that his bankruptcy case be converted to Chapter 7 liquidation, which would involve selling off assets to pay creditors. This latest move by Murray emphasizes the financial and legal challenges Jones faces as he navigates these substantial judgments and the potential dissolution of his media empire.