Tucker Carlson Says Republican Leaders Propping Up Joe Biden

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said recently that Republican lawmakers are shamelessly propping up the president’s disastrous administration — and that they’re betraying the very people who elected them in the process.

“At the very moment that Joe Biden is at his weakest, months before a pivotal midterm election, Republicans are propping him up. They are saving Biden from himself,” Carlson said Wednesday. “Since the day Biden was elected, Republicans have taken Biden’s side on virtually every significant item in his policy agenda.”

Carlson argued that Republican lawmakers’ support for President Joe Biden is coming at a time when even Democratic voters are becoming skeptical of his administration. He pointed to Biden’s abysmally low 24% approval rating with Hispanics, as well as Black and Asian Americans’ falling support for the president, as proof of a crumbling Democratic coalition.

“As of tonight, the only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden is college-educated White voters in urban areas,” Carlson added. “Everyone else is running away. Effectively, what we’re seeing is the end of the modern Democratic Party.”

Carlson went on to say that instead of capitalizing on the failure of one of recent history’s most unpopular presidents, Republicans in Congress are doing the exact opposite — supporting that president. The Fox News host pointed to compromises on gun control, vaccine mandates and border enforcement as some of the most egregious examples of Republican betrayal.

Carlson also argued that the gun control bill which recently advanced in the Senate had nothing to do with a bipartisan commitment to violence prevention, as some senators involved in the legislation had attempted to argue.

“No, this bill is completely unconnected from what happened in Buffalo or Uvalde. This is merely Joe Biden’s agenda,” he said. “So here you have Mitch McConnell, the lead Republican in the Senate, partnering with Chuck Schumer, the lead Democrat in the Senate…and getting it done before anyone can even read the bill.”

Republican lawmakers’ willingness to compromise their values and betray their constituencies represents nothing less than a threat to American democracy, Carlson argued towards the end of his segment.

“This level of disconnection from what voters actually want is dangerous and it’s destabilizing,” Carlson concluded.