Tucker Hits Spartacus On Theatrics

On Thursday evening, Tucker Carlson, on his nightly show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” went in on Cory Booker and his theatrics during the confirmation hearing of Judge Kantanji Jackson.

He began by explaining his love for confirmation hearings. He noted how rarely we get to actually see the senators we vote into Congress every six years and that, “that’s why confirmation hearings are so great: you get to see U.S. senators in their natural habitat.”

Once he finished with his usual sarcastic dig at the ridiculousness that is politics in the United States, Tucker got to business, pointing out that this particular hearing was not starring Biden’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, as would be expected by anybody tuning into the hearings to watch the process in action.

Carlson explained, “but so far, the star of these hearings has not been Kantanji Jackson; it’s been a junior senator from New Jersey called Cory Booker.”

“Cory Booker’s from the streets of Newark,” Carlson joked. And, much like Cory Booker, the city of Newark — which is currently suffering from unacceptably high levels of lead in the drinking water — is a disaster. And while some in Newark desperately seek out Sen. Booker as an advocate to help clean up the many problems plaguing the city — specifically, the lead causing irreparable health problems for its numerous minority residents — Booker has been busy stumping for his 2026 reelection campaign.

Tucker pointed to Booker’s crocodile tears and narcissistic play to turn the hearing into a diary entry about himself. He cited Booker’s fake stories, fake claims and his all-around fakeness as a human being.

And this is exactly why these hearings are so important. We really do get to see our process on display. And it is with this display that we must come to the realization that these very important and serious institutions and processes become that much less important and serious when staffed with such unserious people.

The fact is that it is a disgrace to the nation that Cory Booker holds a seat on the U.S. Senate. And, as we find out more and more about Biden’s extremist nominee to the highest court in the land, we can only hope that conservatives in the Senate can save this institution, the Supreme Court, from the mockery their own deliberative body has become by blocking Judge Kantanji Jackson from being confirmed.