‘Twitter Files’ Show Old Twitter Pushing Debunked Russiagate Hoax

Big Tech was in the pocket of the Democrats, and now there are the documents to prove it. The recent batch of the Twitter Files shows us that the company was willing to engage is false Russiagate accusations.

The newest revelations come to us via journalist Matt Taibbi, who combed through Twitter’s correspondence. There he found a number of clear violation of ethical rules.

All of these violations were made in the same direction: to hurt the reputation of former President Trump. It also showed how Twitter used debunked information to influence the media and politicians.

The first several years of President Trump’s administration were interrupted by false claims that his 2016 campaign colluded with the Russian government. After an investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the president was declared clean.

However, the time and energy wasted by the fake Russia collusion story was not worth it. The alleged misleading by Twitter only made the matter worse. To this day, there are people who incorrectly believe that the former president’s campaign colluded with Russia.

Fortunately, the investigation of special counsel John Durham is uncovering the true origins of the Russiagate hoax.

The acquisition of the social media giant by Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been a godsend for those interested in the truth. The billionaire released a number of internal documents from the company, including those that showed the extent of Twitter’s cooperation with Democrats.

There is a clear bias in favor the Democratic Party that shows in other cases. These include shutting down the true Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post. It also includes President Trump’s suspension from the platform after the Jan. 6 protests.

The media has long been in the pocket of the Democrats. Elon Musk revealed to us just how deep social media companies have been in for the left. Hopefully, the more we find out, the greater chance we have to avoid Big Tech putting their thumb on the scale for the left any more.