U.S. Foreign Policy Could Not Be More Messed Up By Biden If He Tried

Somehow Biden not only lost an entire nation by returning it to 7th-century terrorists, 13 American lives through inaction and confusion, stranded hundreds of citizens, but he also provided for the Taliban, Russia, and China confidential American military technology.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulates military-related exports and protects all weapons usage and transfer. It is needed to defend U.S. public safety, support the foreign policy and our strategic interests. It is a U.S. official administrative system to protect our nation and military service members from foreign assaults with our weapons.

You cannot give your enemies an advanced arsenal and expect that they will not use them to kill our soldiers. It is beyond the pale. Biden and his team of incompetent fools are now well beyond the boundary fences of executive power.

Businesses that manufacture ITAR-limited technology, whose export is rigorously controlled, must meet various standards. These policies include completely restricting the presence of non-U.S. people in any building with related technology.

Any person working on any product on the U.S. Munitions List must be thoroughly vetted. Every individual and organization dealing with technical specifications cannot transfer any portion of them to Iran, Cuba, and China. Of course, the spies for foreign countries use shell corporations to buy and sell classified intel, top-secret devices, test units, and blueprints for weapons. U.S. corporations have been seriously punished under ITAR. For example, ITT was fined $100M, and FLIR was fined $30M for failing to protect military-grade night vision Goggle.

And yet, the U.S. under Joe Biden left behind stocks of weapons and usable vehicles that the Taliban have seized. Arming the enemy with 358,000+ assault rifles, 126,000+ handguns, 64,000+ machine guns goes beyond Fast and Furious when it comes to out-of-control guns. You would think that an administration that is hell-bent on controlling law-abiding citizen’s right to own firearms might be a little concerned about brazen murderers running around villages in Afghanistan with advanced weapons.

Terrorists now have 270 Ford Rangers, 141 Navistar International 7000 trucks, 329 M1151 and M1152 Humvees with enhanced armor protection and overpowered engines, and 21 Oshkosh ATV mine-resistant armor-protected vehicles. Also, the Taliban and ISIS-K have surveillance and radar equipment, over 16,000 night-vision units, targets and over 162,0000 encrypted communication radios, as well as R.F. jamming systems used to defeat remote-detonated IEDs.

Congressional oversight is so intentionally inept that we will never see hearings on this matter.

Biden, Blinken, Austin, and Milley have not only endangered U.S. troops but violated U.S. law. What are the possibilities that the United States State Department, which is in charge of the prosecution, will implement ITAR? Once again, the fox keeps an eye on the hen house and covers for his friends who are plundering the chicken shack.