Ukrainans Are Eliminating Russian Generals, One After Another

This is certainly a dangerous time to be a Russian general, as Ukraine is fighting back against the invasion by taking out Russian generals, one by one. Ukraine is somehow managing to hold back the more advanced Russian army while also eliminating nearly a dozen senior officers, five of which were Russian Generals.

Moreover, according to unconfirmed sources, four other Russian generals were dismissed from their duties for failing to prove the strength of the world’s third largest military force against the outnumbered and outmatched Ukrainian military.

The Urecently conducted a commando raid, destroying an airbase which was located inside Russia. And in neighboring Belarus, someone is sabotaging the railway signaling systems on rail lines that the Russians are using to transport supplies into Ukraine. Ukrainians are even jamming radio signals, which is breaking Russia’s communication networks among themselves.

Former US General David Petraeus claims that this war is not just about the size of the conflicting military forces. Petraeus said that the Russian army may be greater in number, but in Ukraine, even the civilians are joining in on defense by taking up arms against the Russian military.

Ukrainians, who are fighting for their nation, are getting military supplies from Europe as well. However, President Biden was late to supply weapons, as he mostly is when making important decisions. Weeks after the conflict began, and after Ukrainian President Zeneskyy’s intense speech at the U.S. Congress, President Biden finally authorized $800 million in military aid to Ukraine.

This conflict may show the overconfidence of Vladimir Putin and his forces. After three weeks of Russia’s invasion, the Ukrainian military has somehow managed to hold off Russia’s advances.