Ukraine ‘Belongs To Putin’ If He Wants It

“Russian Aggression!” is the latest bogeyman that the legacy media keeps beaming into American homes on what seems like a minute-by-minute basis. While it is true that Americans do not want to see war break out in Ukraine, the American Government seems to realize that an armed conflict could be the political cover that they need to compensate for an absolute abysmal first year in office.

Lost in all the ‘Cui Bono’ analysis for America is what impact all the hysteria is having on Vladimir Putin, the person in charge of the decision to fight or not. Let us look at a few factors that could weigh on his decision.

Although I am an amateur at military tactics and strategy, I know enough about Ukraine’s air force to see that they will have a slight problem in any armed conflict. They only have 144 planes in total. Russia has around 4,000 planes in its air force. Ukraine also does not have much ground-to-air missile defense to speak of. It means that Russia will have air superiority in any conflict immediately. They will be able to bomb, harass, and destroy any ground forces at will. Just think back to how this worked out for enemy forces in Desert Storm, and you can see it will not be much of a war.

What about Ukraine’s allies? Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so there will be no requirement for Western countries to aid. Polling in Germany suggests that over half of Germans want collaboration with Russia. Throw in the fact that Germany, and much of Europe, is very dependent upon Russia to keep their homes warm in the dead of winter. A completely unified NATO defense is unlikely, especially since Ukraine has little economic or strategic value given its deep corruption.

Finally, Putin is not that worried about the United States after Grandpa Joe Biden’s performance at a recent presser. He intimated that we would not do anything about a bit of incursion. All Putin must do is bite off a few pieces of Ukraine at a time until he has the whole country. That is if he wants it. Time will tell.