Ukraine Is A Crucial ‘Test Case’ For Israel And The West Is ‘Failing’ This Test

Before March, people saw the first forays of Russian forces into Ukraine. Initially, this army was made up of untrained young soldiers and outdated equipment. They were cannon fodder used to put Ukrainian fortifications to the test ahead of the proper attack by hardened soldiers armed with lethal contemporary weapons. But this was merely the beginning, with inexperienced personnel and outdated equipment. It is simply the first salvo of Russian heavy equipment and adequately trained Russian infantry. The main assault begins.

Despite the courage of its people, Ukraine will be outgunned and eaten up. And NATO and the US will rue that they did not wholly support the Ukrainians as they should have. Since 1948, Israel has done it on its own. That is why people spent so many decades and so much of their money constructing our armed forces out of pure necessity. They wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for them.

Unlike Ukraine, Israel lacked the necessary oil reserves to power its economy. People just had sand, which they converted into a massive agricultural economy. They turned desolate areas into technical R&D facilities in their quest for excellence. They today refer to Israel as the “Start-Up Nation,” but that ambition originated with a need to survive.

Unlike Israel, the West has what Ukraine requires in plenty but is too shy and unwilling to provide it in sufficient quantities. And if or when they do act, whatever assistance they receive may be too little, too late. It kills to see the democratic West, mainly Europe, refusing to stand shoulder to shoulder militarily with Ukraine right now. It should be their European Stalingrad in the face of Communism’s assault.

According to the reports, NATO is rushing to make up for a lost time, but the beleaguered Ukrainians don’t have that luxury. Ukraine is a European-style democracy defending itself militarily against Russian Communism’s expansion. History has shown that America is an isolationist in two global wars, always arriving late to the conflict. They appear to prefer to wait until the opponent is annihilating them on their soil before getting involved.

Israel cannot allow the United States to dictate or agree to the conditions of another Munich-style agreement with the Iranian Ayatollahs over their unstoppable March toward nuclear weapons. He says that Israel cannot and must not wait for an American Churchill to replace the current Chamberlain. Israel has lost trust in Western sanctions. Who will come and fight beside them for their survival as the Middle East’s only democratic state?