Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky “Rejects” Joe Biden’s Stipulation For A Minor Incursion

How many Ukrainians can die before Joe Biden decides to intervene? The problem is with a confused foreign policy and a US president who struggles to articulate a coherent strategy.

This week Biden said, “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and then we end up fighting about what to do and not do.” So, according to the US President, we will fight about if we fight if Russia starts a fight. Thank you, America, for electing this dunce.

Look, if you want to abandon an ally of the United States and allow Russia to annex the rest of Ukraine after already ceasing the Crimea in 2014, go for Joe. But do not create a situation where US forces are committed to defending Eastern European nations against Russian forces half-heartedly and haphazardly, like the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It will be a bigger disaster with much more long-range consequences.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky did not accept the anti-President Joe Biden stated that he approved a minor Russian attack on his country. If only 100 or 1000 people are killed, it is okay, right, Joe? Over 14,000 individuals have already been killed in the last eight years. Russia has 100,000 troops massed on the border if Putin decides to take over large portions of the country.

Biden, Clinton, and Obama come from the same school of foreign policy. Leftists string together a series of demands that are bound to be misinterpreted. Then they use the bravest fighting force in the world in the US military for political purposes like wagging the dog. And along the way, they shake down US friends and enemies for multi-million-dollar consulting gigs for their kids and billions in contracts and foreign aid that gets funneled to Democrat friends and donors.

Biden’s incredible foreign policy reset like Hillary’s button is not going well. Democrats in the Biden-Harris maladministration are having difficulty getting present along the Russian and Ukrainian border back under control. Maybe they think that Ukraine would enjoy Russian rule again like the Holodomor was a fun time had by all. Sleepy Joe may think that starving people to destroy the breadbasket of Eastern Europe was a good idea.

Biden was chastised for his blunder on Wednesday. He’s not sure about fighting back against Russian hostility. His handlers later clarified that any Russian forces over the Ukrainian boundary are an intrusion met with severe financial sanctions. Why doesn’t Joe seize all of Vladimir’s overseas accounts right now?

Biden’s State Department seeks to get European partners to agree upon a solid reaction to a Russian attack. Another possibility is a cyberattack by the FSB or “Information Countermeasures” or IPB to support Russian separatists and embedded Spetsnaz battling in eastern Ukraine. Biden stated that Russia uses paramilitary strategies to make the situation hazy and utilizes assaults and activities by Russian soldiers not wearing Russian uniforms.

Republican Representative Mike Garcia (CA) said this is “A green light for Putin.” Once again, confusion will only make this situation worse. If the UN, Europe, and NATO do not want to check Putin and destabilize Russia, they allow him to take over Ukraine when he decides to move. And in that case, sending US men and women to fight and die would be the dumbest idea in a history of dumb Democrat ideas.