UN Food Chief Warns of International Crisis

The UN Chief of Food David Beasley has warned about the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the world, as the current conflict is expected to have drastic consequences, labeling it as a catastrophic event in global politics.

Beasley highlighted rising food prices. Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of wheat in the world, but the Ukrainian farmers are currently fighting the Russian invasion. In a conversation with the UN Security Council, Beasley described the invasion as an unforeseen event, and blamed the crisis on the conflict that has resulted.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization informed the public about this potential food crisis at the beginning of this month, as the supply of several crops have been impacted by the instability in the region.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the UN had been feeding 125 million people around the world. Following the conflict, Beasley claims that the UN now has to decrease the rations they provide due to the accelerating cost of fuel and shipping, with monthly “overhead” costs for the organization having gone up by $71 million.

The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in nations struggling with grain shortages. Some countries that are badly affected include Egypt and Lebanon; more than 80% of their total grain is imported from Ukraine. The World Food Program also gets 50% of its total grain from Ukraine.

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman also stated that as long as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, there will be suffering on all sides.

She also stated that the U.S. is concerned about the wellbeing of developing nations during this food crisis, stressing the detrimental effects expected in nations that rely heavily on Ukrainian food imports like Libya, Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen and Lebanon.