Vast Majority Of Americans Support Building Border Wall

A new survey proved once again that the vast majority of Americans support building the border wall to stem the influx of illegal migrants entering the country.

The data compiled by Rasmussen Reports along with NumbersUSA revealed that 67% of respondents believe the wall is necessary to secure the southern border. A remarkable 49% of Democrats agree with the wall’s construction.

An even larger number, 69%, believe the federal E-Verify system is good for the nation.

This is an electronic database that gives employers the ability to confirm that new hires are eligible to work in the U.S.

Concerning other facets of immigration, the survey found that by an overwhelming 2-to-1 margin voters support ending “chain migration.” This is the process through which documented immigrants bring not only their spouse and children but extended relatives and their spouse’s families.

Another two-thirds expressed support for lowering legal migration levels, which have hovered around a million per year on average.

Further, 60% of voters considered the border crisis to be a major national issue and called President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation “a disaster.”

Jim Robb, NumbersUSA vice president of operations, explained to the Washington Examiner that the results are clear. “Most Americans,” he said, regardless of “type, party, and ideology agree that immigration needs to be brought under much better control.”

The sheer numbers are staggering for anyone who bothers to pay attention. In fiscal year 2022, a record 2.4 million attempts were made by illegal migrants to cross the southern border. The White House has repeatedly ignored the deluge and even declared the border “secure.”

The Biden administration from day one-pointedly stopped construction on former President Donald Trump’s border wall. Further, effective policies that brought the number of illegal crossing far below current levels were fought at every turn.

There is no doubt that Republicans trumpeted the massive invasion heading toward the midterm elections. How much that resonated with voters is another story. The “red wave” never arrived, and only 15% cited the border crisis as their reason for favoring one candidate over another.